ILEX Flat Pack Table Lamp


ILEX Flat Pack Table Lamp

ILEX Flat Pack Table Lamp

Ilex is the genus name for holly, an evergreen tree with deep roots in British and Celtic tradition. In parts of the Pacific Northwest, holly is considered an invasive species, and volunteers actively work to remove hardy plants before they choke out other native species.

As an alternative to the current practice of disposing of invasive holly plants in waste facilities, Ilex diverts the wood from this waste stream and gives it new life in a warm and expressive lighting piece. The holly branches form the lamp’s foundation, and its shade is made of recycled-fiber felt and laser-cut aircraft ply.

To further reduce its footprint, Ilex’s flat-pack design enables all its components to ship inside a single A3 envelope, and it assembles easily without any adhesives or hardware.

Ilex celebrates holly’s beautiful pale color and tight-grained texture, continuing the centuries-old tradition of using the hardwood for making walking sticks, canes, chess pieces and bagpipes.

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