Lättfattlig Collection for IKEA Sweden

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Lättfattlig Collection for IKEA Sweden

Lättfattlig  Collection for IKEA Sweden

The brief from IKEA was to create a back-to-school collection for college-aged students. Many among this demographic purchases what they can afford, and then as they exit school, they discard most of what they own in order to purchase more ‘adult’ items. For this reason, the proposal to IKEA was for a collection that would be as environmentally friendly as possible. Unbleached papers and cottons were chosen, with every material as recyclable as possible. A ‘pop’ of color became integral to the design to add excitement and vibrancy. 

The result was the Lättfattlig Collection for IKEA Fall 2016.

web _in situ_lattfatt3
web_carry bin 2
web_ roll up with pencils
web_lattfattlig pencil holder
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