Slice Activity Wearable for MIO Global

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Slice Activity Wearable for MIO Global

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With the Slice band, Mio Global sought to expand beyond the performance sports market by launching a wearable activity tracker for the health/lifestyle market. To differentiate the Slice band from competitors in this category, a well-pronounced, physical metal button was chosen to anchor the color-matched display. The clasp detail, which recalls a Möbius strip, takes cues from jewelry design and further distinguishes Slice from other fitness tracker bands. The band was designed in conjunction with the interface of the Slice app to provide users with a unified, wholistic experience. Slice debuted at CES 2016, garnering multiple favorable press mentions from leading publications.

Designed @ WOKE

SLICE won a RED DOT in 2017. The jury had this to say:

Mio Slice Band combines distinct design with mature technical finesse to create an attractive smart tracker for health-conscious users.


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