Wiivv 3D Printed Sandal

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Wiivv 3D Printed Sandal

3D printed for ultimate comfort.

3D-printed insoles company Wiivv asked for a design for their first standalone footwear product – a flip-flop that could show off the 3D printed sole that makes each pair unique to their owner. 

Customers use Wiivv’s app to measure the sole of their foot in 3D, and then choose colours, materials, and textures to make it their own.

The design helped Wiivv create a system where custom parts fit into a standard body, providing customized zones in the arch, toe, and across the strap. This keeps the flip-flops cost effective while also providing maximum comfort and orthotic support. The final product became a true hybrid of mass production and customization.

The Wiivv Sandal became the highest funded 3D printing project ever on Kickstarter in 2017.

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